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January 22, 2018

How to Inadvertently Hide Your Content (And Gut Your Site) with Pop Ups

Got another call from a lawyer whose website, he thought, was underperforming. A quick review of the site shows why.... While the site is visually…

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January 18, 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Hire an HOURLY Marketing Consultant

Hourly based work seems like the right approach...especially when it comes to marketing services. You only pay when you need something and you pay a pre-determined,…

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January 17, 2018

Another Problem with the ROI Metric…

Yesterday I wrote about how using ROI is an almost impossible task for agencies (ROI - the Marketing Catchphrase Agencies Just Don't Get), despite the…

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frustrated man
January 16, 2018

“ROI” – The Marketing Catchphrase Agencies Don’t Get

At every single legal marketing conference I've ever been to, I hear agencies, thought leaders, gurus, ninjas, and experts teaching pitching from the podium  returning to…

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January 12, 2018

Is the Avvo Rating Gone with the Sale?

Yesterday brought news of Avvo's sale, 12 years after the company was founded.  The news sent me scurrying back to the old site where I…

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January 11, 2018

Avvo Sells….

I joined Avvo back in 2006, when it was just the flea of an idea.  Today Avvo announced they've been sold to Internet Brands for…

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Google Search on Mobile
January 10, 2018

Questions your AdWords Agency Doesn’t Want you To Ask

Over the years, I've written a variety of posts to help law firms separate the SEO wheat from the chaff here here and here. It seems…

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January 8, 2018

.Law Comes Clean About SEO

I was bemused to see a tradeshow booth from .law at the recent AAJ conference in Louisville (which was awesome btw).  And further bemused to…

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January 5, 2018

Looking Back on SEO in 2017

For better or worse, 2017 has been a year of change. We have a new president in The White House, Fidget spinners (briefly) swept the…

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