What is Reputation Management?

While reputation management might sound like PR, it’s actually an entirely different practice. Where public relations focuses on building connections with other companies through link-building and community outreach, reputation management deals directly with your clients. 

Reputation management is largely made up of managing your client reviews. Online reviews are a vital part of the consumer journey, with 90% of consumers reading reviews before visiting a business. Neglecting them is neglecting your best opportunity for revenue increases while spending little to no money.

What’s the Process?

Lucky for you, reputation management is one of the easiest ways to build client relations and create new leads. We can break it down into four steps:

  1. Set up a Google My Business account
  2. Email your past clients thanking them for working with you and asking them to leave you a review
  3. Regularly check your reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and anywhere else your business is posted (this is made easier through review-collecting software)
  4. Respond to reviews, both negative and positive, making sure your clients know that you see and hear them


How Mockingbird can Help You

We’ve seen the effect reviews can have on a business, both good and bad. We’ll help you make sure that yours remain positive, and will teach you how to properly respond in the case of a negative review. 

Mockingbird also offers services including:

  • Providing review request templates for you to email to your clients
  • Review management 
  • Spam fighting to avoid fake reviews
  • Local optimization for Google My Business through our service Nest

Your firm is your life, which is why it should always be portrayed in the best light. By managing your reviews and your reputation you can make sure prospective clients are seeing the great lawyer you truly are. Put your best foot forward with our reputation management plans.

To learn more about how reputation management can benefit your firm contact Mockingbird today.