YouTube and display ads are a subset of Google Ads and function as online billboards: they might not make immediate conversions, but they increase brand awareness. Since the two services have so much in common we often group them together and encourage the use of both. The option for multimedia advertisements helps to diversify your audience as well as establish your brand identity.

High Funnel, Low Intent

Just as thousands of cars might drive past a billboard every day without all of the drivers immediately reaching for their phones, YouTube and display ads are designed to be shown to a wide audience. That being said, YouTube and display ads give the option to take into account more audience signals than Search Ads provide, allowing greater targeting based on:

  • User intent rather than search keywords
  • Audience behaviors
  • Website content of previous pages visited

This means that your ads can either be shown to a specific audience of your choosing, or to a wider audience, increasing impressions exponentially. 

What They Are and Where They Go

While YouTube and display ads serve similar functions, they do have their differences. 

YouTube ads are video advertisements that appear before, during, or after a video. They can appear both on YouTube and partner sites. The ads can be optimized for mobile or desktop audiences and can target based on device.

Display ads are designed to be shown across Google’s Display Network. This is a collection of platforms, partner websites, and apps that allow Google Ads. Display ads can be in the form of images, banners, and engagement ads, all of which are designed to improve brand awareness and imaging. 

Our Services

When you hire Mockingbird to manage your YouTube and display ads, you’re not just hiring a team of skilled account managers to ensure your budget is being spent correctly. While that is a major benefit, it’s nowhere near everything you get. 

Photography and Videography Services

The best way to ensure your ads are the highest quality possible is by hiring professional photographers and videographers. We know who to call in and are ready to start filming as soon as you are.

In-House Designer

Once we have your message, images, and videos, our in-house designer can get to work making you a series of beautiful and compelling advertisements. We work hard to make sure every design is unique and optimized for making the greatest impressions possible.

The Benefits of Our Marketing

There are some aspects of working with us that we think set us apart from the rest. Included in this list are:

  • Our partnership with Google, giving us access to some beta features and putting us ahead of the competition
  • Our monthly reports
  • Our focus on Cost per Acquisition and positive ROI
  • Our customized plans, making sure that your budget fits with your goals for your practice areas, location, and audience
  • Our dedication to our 10 Commandments

Beyond our personal values, we are also proud of our extensive suite of tools. No matter how big or small our clients are, there are some tools we always use. This is because we have found them to be wholly beneficial for our clients. These tools include:

  • Call tracking
  • Click fraud protection for all ad campaigns
  • Yoast SEO
  • Google Analytics

The collaboration of our values and tools make our marketing the most practical and principled out there. We live by our work and take pride in our expertise.