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Updating your website isn’t optional. Leaving your digital store-front vulnerable to hacks, malware and bugs leaves you and your clients at risk. By failing to keep your website up to date, you’re leaving the keys under the mat for anyone to take. For many of you reading this page, it may just be a matter of knowing that you need to maintain your website. It’s not terribly difficult, but neither is changing your own oil in your car.

Honestly, it took many years for us to finally break down (car-pun intended) and offer this marketing service. Despite explaining the importance and process of regular maintenance, we continued to see attorneys neglect one of their biggest business assets, but no longer.

Enter Mockingbird.

What Lawyers Get

Mockingbird is proud to offer our comprehensive, all problems considered, full-time maintenance package. We know it’s a lot to keep track of, which is why we’ll do it for you. Our services include:

  • DNS Management
    • Setup & Configuration
    • Record Management
    • DNSSEC Enabled
  • Plugin Updates
  • Site Up-Time Monitoring
  • Super Fast Hosting
    • Core WordPress Updates
    • Daily Backups
    • PHP Updates
    • Plugin Monitoring & Removal of known insecurities
    • SSL Certificate
  • Framework Updates
  • Website User Management
  • Contact Form Recipient Updates
  • Restoration/Hacking Fixes
  • We Break It, We Fix It
  • Peace of Mind
  • More Time to be an Attorney

How Often Do Attorneys Get It

The web doesn’t turn off at night, and neither do we. We are monitoring your website’s up-time 24/7/365. We’ll be there to fix any issues that come up, no matter when they come up. Yeah, that means that sometimes New Year’s Eve gets interrupted, but that’s how the web rolls.

To avoid unexpected malfunctions, we’ll make sure to update all of your plugins to the non-beta (read: stable and tested) version every month. We’ll add users to your website when you need them to have access. We’ll take the time to set up your domain and all of its records correctly the first time, and add any down the road when you need them. It’s a full-time gig, really.

The Tools You’ll Own

We understand that businesses grow and change, which is why you’ll own all of your website. Should our services no longer be required, you will walk away with a fully functioning, beautiful website that can be easily and securely accessed by you and anyone you want to maintain it.

    • WP Engine
    • CloudFlare
    • Your Registrar
    • Your Domain

If this sounds like something you’re not doing, don’t have time to do or want more information about, give us a shout. We’d be happy to have a conversation on the value it will bring to your legal practice. And your sanity.