The following are a series of hour long talks that are highly interactive and engaging. We focus on useful, tactical, information as opposed to high level technical strategic pontifications.  

Introduction to Dark Social

Discover how Social Media marketing (really) works.  Learn how to leverage your offline community engagement through the network effect of technology to transform your city or town into a large, enthusiastic, genuinely affiliated referral source. Sit back and watch short Case Studies of lawyers who are growing their practices through Dark Social to either replace or augment their local advertising campaigns. During this session we explore the limitations of attribution models in evaluating Dark Social as a marketing channel and highlight the importance of recording multiple attribution channels.

Conflating Digital Sales with Digital Marketing

Many firms confuse their digital marketing efforts with digital sales.  The reality is, the the former is about delivering an exceptional experience for a prospect who has already decided to purchase legal services.  The latter, Digital Marketing, is often overlooked, but entails generating demand for either your firm, or even your legal category among a widespread populace who currently is not in the market (and may never be, but boy oh boy do they make great referrers) for your legal services.  The key here is deploying tactics to get a market to know like and trust you – building long term brand affinity. We make mistakes when we treat these two extremely different objectives the same. The tactics, timeframes and success metrics are fundamentally different.  During this high level session, we delineate between the two philosophically and then dive deeper into tactics and KPI’s to run both successfully.

Everything We Know about Google Screened for Lawyers

Google Screened is a new, aggressive advertising unit put out by Google that shows at the very top of the Search Engine Results Page.  During this session, we’ll cover requirements for Google screened, review the process for getting approved, expose some of the (many many) issues lawyers have faced in getting these ad units pushed through and uncover the early data coming out of Campaigns that are currently active.  We’ll review the unique elements around Google Screened, including practice area breakdown, the new Pay Per Lead model and the evolution towards a bidding marketplace.

Google Analytics and Business Reporting

This tour cherry picks the important metrics among the many different reports within Google Analytics.  Lawyers learn to use a properly configured GA account to evaluate different marketing channels on the conversions that really matter: – phone calls, form fills and chat from prospective clients who are geographically near the firm.  

DIY: 33 things to either stop or start doing by yourself.

This session guides lawyers through a series of easily implementable tactics they can handle on their own. We cover everything marketing – from defensive branded Google Ads campaigns to improved intakes through mystery shopping to the affordable hardware needed to record and produce high end video content.  

Google Ads: Basic and Advanced

The Basic session helps guide DIYers into setting up a smart, highly targeted advertising campaign that won’t unintentionally burn a huge amount of cash.  The Advanced session shows the inner workings of advanced campaign setup to maximize usable data and highly granular geo targeting options.

Quiz: You Don’t Know Sh*t About Online Marketing

This class begins with a 15 question quiz for the audience to help them evaluate their own understanding of tactical online marketing issues.  Following the quiz, we undress common misperceptions about online marketing and highlight the inconvenient truisms. How do social media posts impact SEO? Is “content” really king? (hint: its not). Tricks website developers use to get lawyers to buy more…. websites. Are suite #s a way to trick Google local?  

You’re Doing it All Wrong

Lawyers frequently work really hard…. on the wrong things.  During this session we reveal many ways in which lawyers waste time and money chasing the latest technical shiny object while ignoring tried and true (and frequently cheap) marketing tactics.  This session is focused on the DIYer or the lawyer responsible for actively managing an agency.

Stupendous Linkbuilding

This provocative and entertaining talk starts with a series of case studies that demonstrate how true linkbuilding immediately and dramatically improves SEO traffic.  It concludes with a series of examples to inspire creative high end linkbuilding ideas among attendees: black lives matter, over the top Super Bowl ads, drunk Canadians deported by ICE and teenagers speeding while snapchatting.

Getting the Most out of Intake Management Software

The past 24 months has seen the explosion of intake management software that both improves the efficiency of intakes as well as generates extremely actionable data on a firm’s entire sales and marketing funnel. Used well, Intake Management Software is customized to the way your firm operates, and leverages technology to simplify and systematize the handoff between front desk, intake, paralegals and lawyers. Yet, many law firms fail to get the most out of IMS and struggle to implement it effectively.  During this session, we’ll review best practices for IMS – understand the nuances of what it can do as well as avoiding the overpromises made by software salesmen.

Online Marketing for Law Firms That Don’t Need Online Marketing

Welcome to the web BigLaw… many of you are starting to wake up to the reality that while the Internet may not be a primary driver of business, it still is a major contributing factor.  During this session, we review common mistakes made by established firms who haven’ focused heavily on the web, explore the dangers and benefits of individual Practitioner GMB pages, learn to identify bloated website content frequently found on larger firms and quantify the lost opportunities created by running multiple blogs.

Fire Your Agency

Most agencies maximize their profitability on the backs of their clients’ wallets.  During this session we peel back the layers of dirty tricks agencies use to lie, cheat, befuddle, confuse and confound  their clients. Learn how agencies obfuscate data, handcuff clients with proprietary technology, install spyware on law firm websites, and literally pit clients against each other in bidding wars.  Feeling paranoid… you should be.

Local, Local, Local

Understand how office location is an asset to leverage or a liability to overcome.  This applies to SEO as well as paid advertising. We also dive in to combating law firms (and others posing as law firms) who set up fake offices to poach local clients.  

Conrad being interviewed on camera

26 Things Growth-Oriented Firms are Doing with Technology that You Haven’t Even Thought About

Aggressively growing firms leverage the cutting edges of technology to fine tune their marketing growth engine and eat up marketing share from those watching on the sidelines.  Learn advances in automation – deeper reporting accuracy – improve conversion rates with creative financing – customized customer experiences – 1:1 video based email – replacing intake data entry – content strategy analysis – marketing data integration – and the importance of both self-reported and automated marketing channel attribution modeling.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It….

“Conrad truly ranks as one of my favorite speakers on digital marketing. He’s honest, funny, never redundant and keeps it real. Most of all, he generously and unselfishly offers practical tips that can be implemented to improve your firm’s practice and profitability.”

-Tobias Millrood, Vice President American Association for Justice and Pogust Millrood

“I’ve been to enough legal conference presentations to know how stultifyingly boring most of them are — but, not Conrad Saam’s.  Conrad’s standard gear is “beast mode”; and, he’ll rock your conference-planning world.  He brings tons of practical, legal industry-specific experience to the table, and offers practical tips in the legal marketing realm while peppering each presentation with his direct and unique style.”

-Jared Correia, Mass LOMAP and Gideon Software

“You were a smash!  Thank you for your lively presentations… In short, they loved you.  Both of your topics earned some “best of the day” nods.”

– Shawn Holahan, Louisiana State Bar Association

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with our membership. Your presentation revealed invaluable strategies for law firms to market themselves in a world with many options to stand out in the crowd. The attendees were actively engaged throughout the class and were highly interactive, which goes to show just how much your knowledge is in demand.”

-Mary DeSpain, CLE Director, Alaska Bar Association

“I had the pleasure of attending Conrad Saam’s all-day program on search engine optimization at the Academy of Special Needs Planners conference a few years ago. Who knew there was so much you could do optimize your site, from the basics to the esoteric? And it was entertaining. Unlike most of the purveyors of SEO services, Conrad’s the real deal.”

-Harry Margolis, President, Elder Law Answers

“For years I used to tell lawyers to avoid all online marketers. And then I met Conrad. After hearing him speak to a group of solo and small firm lawyers in Florida I knew he was special. Basically, he’s an oasis of wisdom in a vast desert of fools and charlatans.”

-Ernest Svenson, Founder of Law Firm Autopilot.

“How many people would you trust to run your digital business and assets. Not many! Conrad Saam is considered by many,  including Mr. Google, Mr. Facebook and even Mr. Instagram to be a trusted thought leader in the legal marketing space.”

Harlan Schillinger, Godfather of Legal Advertising

“Thank you so much for flying into this conference. Your 50 minutes on “Walking Through Your Website” was – literally – the best CLE I’ve ever been to.
If the offer is still open, I would love to read your book.”

P. Adam Militello, Esq., The Militello Law Firm

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