For In-House Marketing Superheros

We know what its like for the in-house law firm marketer.  High expectations, huge responsibilities and an increasingly wide array of technical skills to maintain a “ninja” level of expertise in. You’re the sole marketer on an island surround by lawyers – wearing many hats with aplomb – Technical Problem Solver, Skilled WordPress Webmaster, Public Relations Provocateur, Creative Wizard, Advertising Expert and Business Analyst.

It’s frankly too much for any single person to manage and stay current with.  But we’ve got your back.

Transforming In-House Law Firm Marketers into Superheros….

We know there’s typically a love/hate relationship between the in-house marketer and the agencies with which they work, with each eager to throw the other under the bus if necessary. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Mockingbird actually works best when executing in conjunction with the in-house marketer at a law firm. We find that we get more things done, have a more creative approach to marketing, and ultimately deliver better results – for the firm and the In House Marketer.  Our ultimate job here is to make you the Superhero, backed by a large team of subject matter experts and supported by objective, transparent and accurate reporting that shows exactly how the law firm’s marketing is performing.

Specific Benefits Exclusively for In-House Marketers

So is this all marketing puffery?  Nope…. here are concrete steps we’ve taken to make in-house marketers the superhero of their firm:

    • Monthly Strategy Sessions – Join client-only strategy sessions conducted by Mockingbird principals, Conrad Saam and Robert Williams. During these sessions, attendees get up to speed on the latest updates in online marketing, review agency wide performance data benchmarking performance data and get exposed to creative best of legal marketing examples.
    • Internal Review Prep – A well run firm looks over its marketing on a regular basis – Mockingbird staff will help prep you to drive these meetings – anticipating questions and getting you up to speed on current tactics across all marketing channels and report back the business metrics that are important to your firm from our transparent, objective, transparent and accurate Business Reporting infrastructure.
    • Tactical Audits – Our audits provide a thorough examination along with a prioritized plan to solve and improve issues over time so you do the work while we provide the roadmap (and a backup team of experts should you need it.). One-off Technical Audits are performed a website, the firm’s reporting infrastructure, Local Search factors or Google Ads campaigns.
    • BEDLAM – come to the Best Damn Legal Marketing Conference and get blown away with insights and insider information.  In-House Marketers at our major accounts attend BEDLAM gratis and come back with tactics other firms can’t even dream about.
    • Training and Coaching – monthly checkins for our clients with In-House Marketers often evolve into coaching sessions – we can bring in experts from across the company to provide detailed guidance, prioritization, expertise and informal training for anything from advanced tools like Screaming Frog to teaching Marketers how to spot spam in Google Local results.
    • Hourly Support for Anything – Need a backstop when either your time or expertise gets stretched beyond what you can handle?  Mockingbird’s hourly support service is a simple email away for our clients staffed by In-House Marketers.
    • Premier Google Partner Benefits – interface directly with Google Ads staff and get access to Google Ads beta features before your competitors even know its hitting the market.

We Look Good by Making You Look Great

While many law firms fully outsource their marketing to us, Mockingbird is happy to partner with firms that have an existing internal marketing team. We have built strong partnerships with numerous in-house teams, and have seen agencies reap double the rewards for it. When we work with internal marketing teams, we focus on enhancing and supporting existing systems within the firm, while providing all the resources that come along with being a dedicated marketing firm.

When we collaborate with internal marketing teams, we make sure to always focus on where we can help instead of where we can take control. Your marketing strategy should be designed by a well-oiled machine, not competing teams of advertisers. Our team is made up of search engine experts, not experts on the intricacies of your firm. While we can plan a comprehensive ad strategy based on your practice and location, it will always be improved by knowing how your firm works. No one will know this better than an internal team in your firm, and we’re happy to learn from them.

Transparency is a core value of our firm, which means that we won’t try and hide anything from you or your team. We know that honesty is the best policy, so we are always open to any questions our clients may have, including from their internal teams.

If you think we could make you look even better at your firm…. give us a call. We’d love to talk about it!