How We Improve Your Content

Mockingbird has years of experience building and maintaining websites for law firms of all practices, so we know what the essentials are. Our content development plans are designed to streamline the production process making sure that your website has everything it needs to succeed. 

Content Audits

We begin by performing a content audit of your website. We look at such questions as:

  • How many pages are on the website
  • Do all the key practice areas have thorough landing pages
  • Is there a blog? If so, how regular are posts
  • What resources does the website provide (FAQs, law articles, e-books)
  • Is the “About” page accurate
  • Is the “Contact” page accurate

If any changes need to be made regarding these questions, we will see to it that they get handled. This means working with you to ensure that necessary pages get written and unnecessary pages get trimmed.

Qualitative Analysis

One thing that we encourage for all of our clients is to invest in Google Analytics. This will help you see the physical data of what is and isn’t working on your website, and we can help you analyze the specifics. We can set up our clients’ analytics accounts, but we never own them. You will always have access.

With Google Analytics, we can see which of your pages are the highest performing, and which pages aren’t driving any traffic. We like to focus on organic traffic and leads to see which pages are making a difference on their own, without the help of paid advertising. If any pages are failing to perform, we’ll help you either optimize them or remove them entirely. 

Designing New Content

If your page is lacking in content, don’t worry! Mockingbird will help you develop a plan for what you can add. 

There are a few areas in which you can add new content, and the first step is identifying which opportunities are best for your firm. You can expand on your practice area sub-pages, improve blog content, or add resources. We will help you decide if you want to write your own content and what you want to build on. 

Contact Mockingbird today to take your content to the next level with our content development service.