Designing an Ad Campaign

YouTube ads are run through Google, specifically through Video ads. This means that they can appear anywhere on Google’s network and have the targeting and data-collecting power of Google. 

Brand Visibility via YouTube Ads

In our experience, YouTube works best for brand visibility. While you can target a narrow audience, broad audiences suite the platform better. The goal is for potential clients to see your YouTube ad, then remember your name when they need a lawyer. This is different than Search ads, which target potential clients who are looking for a lawyer immediately. 

The Types of Ads

If you’ve spent any time on the platform, you’ve probably seen the different types of YouTube ads. They can be short-form, long-form, skippable, unskippable, and unobtrusive banners. Each style has its own benefits and downsides, and which works best for your campaign is something we can help you with. 

Creating Video Ads

If you decide to run a YouTube ad campaign you will probably need to create at least one video. This can be intimidating if you aren’t a professional videographer. Don’t worry, we not only know professional videographers to send your way, we know how to help you film a professional-looking video if you’re on a budget. 

Planning and running YouTube ads correctly requires an understanding of both the platform and the medium. Luckily, Mockingbird is here with experience in both! If you are interested in running a YouTube ad campaign, contact Mockingbird today.