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There are a slew of Intake Management Software options available to law firms; many of them customized specifically for lawyers, including Lawmatics, LawRuler, Lexicata, LexisNexis InterAction, and Lawlytics which was acquired by Clio and became Clio Grow. To avoid burying the lead, we’re later going to go into why Hubspot, a generic non-legal focused option is a much better mousetrap than these legal CRMs, but first – the upside of Intake Management Software:

  • Capture Every Lead – well configured databases automagically generate a record from each and every inquiry. No longer do potential clients get lost on a sticky note, skipped over from that form fill that went to someone’s unmonitored email, or have their email written down incorrectly by an overworked front desk.
  • Defined Process – Intake Management Software can be customized to walk prospective clients through your own process – followup responsibility, scheduling phone calls tasks, setting a meeting, email drips campaigns, document signing and passing responsibility for the prospect from front desk to paralegal to lawyer.
  • Automated Execution – Intake Management Software can provide increased efficiency for intake and legal staff with automated followups, emails and calendaring
  • Marketing Source Capture – well configured CRM software can automagically associate granular marketing channel detail to individual prospects to start really tracking efficacy of your different paid and unpaid marketing efforts.
  • Marketing Channel Evaluation – applying the marketing source to every inbound lead enables lawyers to finally quantify that sneaking suspicion that some of their marketing channels deliver nothing but garbage. It also showcases those marketing channels that truly shoulder the lions’ share of new customer acquisition.
  • Integration with other systems – most Intake Management Software can be configured to talk with other systems (like your Matter Management software) via API. We recommend you shun the two that don’t (MyCase and Zola Suite) because the data and records in those systems can’t be easily integrated into the rest of your firm’s operations. Why handcuff yourself?

Optimize your legal intake process

Why Hubspot is a Better Intake Management Option for Lawyers

While we’ve got deep experience integrating legal specific Intake Management software – when push comes to shove, we’d pick Hubspot hands down over and over. Here’s why we’ve become a Hubspot Gold Partner – helping lawyers get the most out of a (much) more sophisticated CRM.

  • Marketing Personalization – maximize client acquisition by showing personalized campaigns to individual prospects – that user looking at your motorcycle accident content now sees motorcycle remarketing ads, a pic of a Harley on your Homepage when they return to your site and motorcycle content in his drip campaign instead of generic personal injury content.
  • Artificial Intelligence Marketing Automation – for high volume law firms (those managing 250+ inquiries a month), Hubspot marketing automation can use artificial intelligence to learn which days (and what time of day) to best send those email drip campaigns, or which image works best for display retargeting, or which advertising networks are most effective at driving conversions.
  • Customized Automation at Every Stage – Build out customized intake sequences for higher vs. lower value clients or different practice areas. Automate calendar schedules, reminder emails, and tasks lists for follow up phone calls.
  • Landing Page A/B testing – running a large paid ads campaign? Squeeze as much as your can through A/B testing with results delivered directly into your database.
  • Personalized Email Videos – send that hot prospect a personalized video delivered via email directly after your initial consultation.
  • Video Hosting – built right into Hubspot to deliver video content via the web or email.
  • Inbound Phone call recordings – automatically import phone call recordings from prospects directly into your Hubspot database.
  • Live or Bot Driven Chat – want the option to have either a live person or a robot mange your chats… with the transcription delivered right into your Hubspot CRM.
  • Matter Management Integration delivers ROI reporting – while Clio Grow slots well into Clio, Hubspot seamless integration with marketing reporting infrastructure like Google Analytics and Matter Management systems means we can finally associate revenue with the marketing channel from which it was generated.

Finally, while most Intake Management Software is a one size fits all prospect – monthly Hubspot costs range from just $50 for simple functionality and can scale to over $3,200 that brings enterprise-level technical marketing sophistication to the legal industry.

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If you’d like to learn more, check out Mockingbird’s President talk with Hubspot’s Nick Saltzman about best practices for CRM in general and the specific functionality of Hubspot.  Hubspot for Lawyers Tour.