The FindLaw Jailbreak Guide

Escape Findlaw Guardtower

Considering escaping FindLaw for an effective SEO provider? First, check the fine print to see just how difficult they’ve made it for your to get out of your FindLaw contract.

More than half of Mockingbird’s clients are ex-FindLaw clients – so we’ve dealt with a full range of issues:

    • Domain ownership
    • Proprietary technical platform
    • Content ownership
    • Contract issues
    • Data transparency
    • Migration processes
    • Concerns about SEO penalties
    • Thin content
    • Cancellation penalties

The FindLaw Jailbreak Guide is a a thirteen page worksheet built on the collective experience of numerous law firms that have not only Escaped FindLaw, but thrived afterwards. Using their experience, this document includes a roadmap and cost/benefit evaluation to help you plan your escape as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  While most escapes can’t be affected immediately and a full recovery may take some time,  know that there are clients waiting for you on the outside.

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Major Concerns When Leaving Findlaw

Domain Ownership

If you relied on Findlaw to register your domain, most likely they still actually own it.  This means that your investment in SEO has been developing their business, not yours.  This is the real estate equivalent of building a house on land you don’t own.  Anticipate your “house” being sold to a competitor once you move out.


All that beautiful (and expensive) content on your site?  If you didn’t write it, its highly unlikely you own it.  And if you are trying to escape, you’re going to have to leave it behind or cough up a hefty fee to buy your content back from them.  If your content’s byline looks like the expert below, its probably not YOUR content.

Findlaw Content

FindLaw Contract

That long term contract you signed with FindLaw sentenced your firm to years of retainer fees.  Its hard to escape, no matter how badly Penguin and Panda Google penalties may have decimated your website. Hint: the louder you complain (not to them, but in public) the more amenable they are to an early release.


Don’t let FindLaw hold your Google Analytics data hostage as well.  This is your information, not theirs, and something that shouldn’t be left behind.  Insist on administrative access in Google Analytics – which enables you to add (and later delete) users. Failing to remove  their access to Google Analytics after you’ve escaped means they can still review your data at will.

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