When we’re advising new clients we are often faced with the question of whether or not Microsoft Ads is worth investing in. We know it is, no matter the size of your firm. 

What You Get

Microsoft Ads have the same overall case value as Google Ads and share many of the features that Google is generally praised for. That means that ads can be customized based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Location
  • Audience type
  • Keyword targeting
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Data that appears in reports

Beyond the customizable features, advertisers get access to reports on the progress and performance of all their campaigns and ad groups. 

The Ad Coverage

Microsoft Ads appear on every Microsoft-run site, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL sites, and Microsoft search partner sites. This includes advertising placements on website that partner with Microsoft search engines and any site run through Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. Advertisers in the United States (as well as Canada and a group of other countries) are able to decide whether to only include Microsoft run sites or search partners, or to use both both. 

The largest difference between Google Ads and Microsoft Ads is that Microsoft has a significantly lower volume of users.

 Less Traffic, Less Competition

Just because there are fewer users doesn’t mean Microsoft isn’t worth investing in. In fact, it’s exactly why we think you should invest in it. 

Competition is much lower on Microsoft advertising, meaning even small firms can afford highly competitive keywords. This makes it a great option for firms with smaller budgets as well as large firms looking to diversify their ad-spend. 

A Supplement, Not an Alternative

We encourage firms of all sizes to utilize Microsoft Ads, whether or not they are also running Google Ads. Microsoft should be thought of as a supplemental investment or a diversification rather than an alternative to Google. Both platforms have their own benefits and shortcomings, which is why it’s beneficial to utilize both.

Another reason why we like to encourage using both is that our Account Executives have expertise in both. Our cost per value is made all the better by having all the skills you need under one roof. If you’re looking for the best, we’re here to provide it. 

The Benefits of Our Marketing

There are some aspects of working with us that we think set us apart from the rest. Included in this list are:

  • Our partnership with Google, giving us access to some beta features and putting us ahead of the competition
  • Our monthly reports
  • Our focus on Cost per Acquisition and positive ROI
  • Our customized plans, making sure that your budget fits with your goals for your practice areas, location, and audience
  • Our dedication to our 10 Commandments

Beyond our personal values, we are also proud of our extensive suite of tools. No matter how big or small our clients are, there are some tools we always use. This is because we have found them to be wholly beneficial for our clients. These tools include:

  • Call tracking
  • Click fraud protection for all ad campaigns
  • Yoast SEO
  • Google Analytics

The collaboration of our values and tools make our marketing the most practical and principled out there. We live by our work and take pride in our expertise.