10 Commandments – Words We Live By

1.) We Love Lawyers

Attorneys who represent individuals are the primary counterbalance to corporate malfeasance, the greedy insurance industry and the widespread abuse of police and political power. We are honored to play a small role in this system.

2.) We are Responsible for our Clients’ Livelihoods

Our performance dictates if our clients can pay their mortgage, their staff and their kids’ college tuition.

3.) Don’t Make Clients Happy – Make Them Successful

Don’t pander to misguided strategies or humor foolhardy requests from clients just to keep them happy. We will argue with a client instead of wasting her money.

4.) Proactively Deliver Bad News

Things don’t always go right – our job is to proactively uncover problems and keep clients informed.

5.) White Hat to a Fault

Don’t engage in unethical marketing – we are in business for the long term, as are our clients.

6.) Speak in Business Terms – Not Technical Jargon

Our job is to drive our clients’ business – so we focus our conversation on business terms instead of confusing technical lexicon which frequently is used to cloud the issue.

7.) Don’t Ask Clients What Their Budget is – Tell Them What Their Investment Needs to Be

Our job is not to squeeze as much revenue out of our clients as possible, but instead define their budget and then squeeze as much marketing out of their investment as possible.

8.) Done is Better Than Perfect

Push projects forward and iterate on improvements to maintain momentum. No one sees the perfect, unlaunched website.

9.) Explore Cutting-Edge – Rely on Tried and True

Technology tends to have lots of the new new new thing. Spend less than 5% of our time on these.

10.) It May Not Be Our Fault, But It Is Still Our Problem

The only finger pointing we engage in is pointing to ourselves as the solution.