Only Pay for What You Need

Without a team of in-house marketers, it can be difficult to determine what’s necessary when investing in advertising, and the fear of being swindled isn’t without merit. When you hire Mockingbird, you’re only getting the essentials. That means:

No flashy features, no unnecessary add-ons, just what you need to build a strong client base and take charge of your online presence.

Never Hiding, Never Lying

One of our 10 Commandments here at Mockingbird “White hat to a fault.” This refers to SEO best practices, where we vow to never use shady tactics to give us or our clients an unethical advantage. We extend that sentiment to our whole company; everything we do is above board for our clients’ sakes.

Along with any ad packages our clients purchase comes a monthly report. In that report we make sure to explain exactly what we’ve been doing, the effects it’s had so far, and where our ad strategy needs to change. We believe that everyone does better when we all know what’s going on, which is why we encourage our clients to ask questions. If your marketing firm won’t tell you what they’re doing, it’s because they’re trying to fill their pockets before yours.

Your Success is Our Success

We take pride in our clients and understand that when they do well, so do we. This is why we are so devoted to growing your business, with whatever starting budget you may have. This is also why we never work with competing law firms. Our business isn’t based on having the most clients, it’s based on having the best clients.

Call Today to Grow Your Business

The first step towards becoming the law firm you want to be is to start building your brand. This begins with a phone call where you tell us your goals and us telling you how we can help you reach them. Become the firm of your dreams today.