Mockingbird Echo Template

Echo is a custom WordPress theme designed by Mockingbird specifically for use within the legal industry. The theme is clean, simple, and structurally sound. It allows small firms and solo practitioners access to the same rock-solid foundation as a custom designed website at a fraction of the price.

As with all Mockingbird websites, the theme is free from the bloat you’ll often find with premade themes. We only include the functionality necessary to give your law firm a strong online presence and avoid unnecessary elements that bog down load times and create a poor user experience.

We developed the theme based on our expert knowledge of the legal industry, SEO best practices, and user research.

All Echo websites include:

  • A custom attorney profiles section
  • Schema markup specified for the legal industry, office locations, and web structure
  • An optimized and accessible contact page so anyone, even those with disabilities, can reach out to your firm
  • Simple interface that makes adding new pages easy for you and your team

Echo is easy to customize and was developed so that anyone with a basic understanding of WordPress can add content and do basic design. There are font options, color options, logo options, and additional features that do not require any sort of development background.

We are constantly finding new ways to improve our theme and as we do, we will update your echo theme to include these new features.

Once you have paid the contract off, Echo and the website is yours to keep. Any developer can easily go in and modify or further customize the theme. It is not proprietary to Mockingbird and serves as a great building block for marketing your legal services online.


$200/Month x 24 Months


Dixie Law Group


DLG Spanish


Law Office of Patrick Yancey


Contact Mockingbird today for more information about Echo websites.