You’re Here When They Need You; We’re Here When You Need Us

Our marketing plan for family lawyers is built on trust and brand recognition. This means that we set up your ad campaigns to reach families when they need you most and design your online presence to convey your skill and compassion. To achieve this, our services for family law firms include:

Your business is your life, and your clients’ lives are your business. Before they choose you, you have to make sure they know that you are the right person to choose. We ensure they do through aggressive yet compassionate marketing. We make sure they know your name before they even know they need it.

We Want to Earn Your Trust

When you hire a marketing firm, you are trusting us to build your public image. This is a serious commitment, and we are eager to prove that we are worthy of it. We have helped numerous family firms, large and small, grow their business through calculated marketing. With our help they have been able to generate more and higher profile cases, becoming living proof of the value of good marketing.

Mockingbird knows the type of impact hiring a marketing firm can have, both positive and negative. We’ve had clients come to us after being taken advantage of, and we vow to never do that to our clients. All of our decisions are made above board with full transparency, and as our 10 Commandments say: it may not be our fault, but it is our problem. If there is a problem, we will fix it, even if it means dropping everything for five hours on a Sunday.

If you want a marketing firm that shows the same commitment to you as you show to your clients, give Mockingbird a call.