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Desk and Chair in a white room
November 11, 2019

Making Your Website Scalable Helps Everyone (and Everwhere)

There’s always room for growth. Whether you’re a two-person firm in a one-horse town or a multinational corporation with hundreds of employees, you want to…

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November 8, 2019

How AI and Machine Learning are Helping Your Website

Computer systems have been learning on their own since the 1960s, and they have been advancing rapidly in recent years. The most notable recent addition…

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Bouncing Soccer Ball
November 7, 2019

Why You Should Be Checking Your Bounce Rate

Relatively underrated compared to such metrics as “pageviews,” a page’s bounce rate shouldn’t be ignored. It’s important to know how many of your website’s pages…

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Google Ads
November 6, 2019

Creating Effective PPC Landing Pages

Earlier this year, emarketer released a report stating that 2019 will be the first year digital ads surpass traditional ads. A claim was also made…

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I voted stickers and voting day sign
November 6, 2019

3 Marketing Strategies I Learned from the Virginia 2019 Elections

Virginia’s entire state legislature was up for re-election last night (November 5th, 2019) and the Democrats managed to flip both the state house and state…

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Row of Doors
November 5, 2019

What’s So Special About You?

I’m serious, what makes you special? Why should anyone be your client? There are other law firms, what makes you different?   How You Should…

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Increase positive reviews
November 4, 2019

Why Did Google Remove My Reviews?

Getting a good review is one of the best things for you as a business. It's a great feeling to receive affirmation from a client…

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November 4, 2019

The Effects of Google Search Console’s Speed Reports

Google just announced the rollout of a new report in their Search Console, a report six months in the making. Designed to let webmasters quickly…

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colorful letter blocks
November 1, 2019

Keeping Yourself Optimized for SEO

Working in SEO can feel a bit like being in a psychology trial: you know the basic rules, you’re trying your best to follow them,…

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