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April 8, 2019

Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

On March 12th of this year Google released a new algorithm update and in decidedly creative form have named it the "March 2019 Core Update".…

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Google Ads
April 1, 2019

The ABC’s of PPC

CPC? What is that? CTR? What does that mean? Impression share? Who am I sharing this with? There are many useful metrics within Google Ads…

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Law Firm Brand Identity Feature
March 29, 2019

Law Firm Branding: Bringing Brand Identity to Life

If you made a list of all the brands you see in a day, you'd probably be surprised. Brands are everywhere. Your clothes, electronic devices,…

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Telemarketer on headset
March 28, 2019

Are Your Leads Getting Stolen?

Is your law firm getting overwhelmed with emails and cold calls from lead generation companies trying to sell you local leads? Next time they call,…

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Increase positive reviews
March 26, 2019

Creative Ways to Increase Positive Reviews

Getting clients to leave reviews is tough, so I've complied a list of some creative ways my clients have attempted to increase their positive review…

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creative backlink development
March 25, 2019

The Art of Historic Backlink Development

Recently, while scouring the web for mentions of a client, I found a killer article he was featured in on a prestigious website with a…

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March 22, 2019

Law Firm WP SEO Problems: Google Stopped Supporting Pagination

Bubbling up from the depths of search nerdom (Hat tip to Adam Gent) over the past 48 hours...some overly observant search nerds have picked up…

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Typing on computer
March 14, 2019

Backlink Explosion (How to Monitor the Quality of Your SEO “Experts” Link-building Work)

Wondering what your SEO company is doing to generate all those backlinks (despite the fact it's not moving the needle AT ALL for inbound traffic,…

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Dicks "Fedback" error
March 12, 2019

What You Can Learn from Dick’s Sporting Goods (i.e. How to Monitor for 404s)

Today's internet lesson brought to you by a retail anecdote from Dick's Sporting Goods: yesterday I purchased a new lacrosse stick with the lowest of…

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