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October 16, 2019

It’s Time To Start Making Video Content

I know, it’s an investment. Making high-quality video content requires expensive gear and loads of time both in front of the camera and editing. You…

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October 15, 2019

Understanding Conversions (SEO 101)

Website management programs record every type of action a consumer makes on a website. The digital marketing world designates each action with its own acronym…

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October 14, 2019

Mockingbird Client Google Ads Disapproved…. temporarily

Over the weekend, the Google Ads algorithm updated resulting in a temporary suspension of all of our clients' search advertising campaigns. The issue at heart…

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October 14, 2019

Why Law Stories are Perfect for Content

Shareable content is the currency of the internet, and creating a viral video, story, or article is the visibility lottery few companies are able to…

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October 11, 2019

Chrome is Updating and Leaving Mixed Pages Behind

In an announcement on October 3rd, it was revealed that Google Chrome will be phasing out access to pages with mixed content, citing user security. …

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October 10, 2019

Don’t Neglect Your Firm’s Social Media

We live in a social world, and if you fail to participate you are failing your business. While many aspects of social media are fast-moving…

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October 9, 2019

You Need to Improve Your Firm’s Brand Story

So you have a good business, you treat your clients well, your firm works hard, and yet your presence is barely felt online. You’ve worked…

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October 8, 2019

Structuring Your Page for SEO

Whether you’re building a page for an article, a blog, a product review, or a practice area, the way you structure your page is vital…

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October 7, 2019

If Google Ads Runs Itself Now, What do We do?

Google Ads have been getting more sophisticated and closer to full automation over the recent years, all the while causing panic for those who make…

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