Impact of Coronavirus on Website Traffic Part V


Covid. As talk of vaccines dominate the news cycle, it’s beginning to feel as though we’ve hit the light at the end of the tunnel. As part V of this series (see parts 12, 3, and 4), we now have 15 months of data to review to see the different ups and downs across various practice areas.


By all measures, we are heading out of the economic chokehold brought on by Covid. For over a year the world has been at a virtual standstill as people quarantined, avoided social gatherings and businesses, and generally stayed at home. But if you spend 5 minutes watching any news station, you’re likely to hear at least a few mentions of vaccines and how we’re turning the corner into life beyond covid:

Covid 19 trends graph

It’s certainly not over, but with the number of people who have already been exposed to the virus and have antibodies, or have a received a vaccine, normalcy is in reach. Coupled with the ramped up production of vaccines and delivery schedules, the outlook is good.

So what does that mean for law firms? It shouldn’t be a surprise that people leaving the house should, in theory, mean better business for law firms. More people out-and-about to get injured, committing crimes, making real-estate and family decisions. If everything follows what we expect to see, traffic to law firms should be on the rise since cases have dropped off around the start of the new year.


Of the five law firms profiled, only two have an organic traffic trend that neatly correlates to covid cases. One of these is a criminal defense firm in Seattle, the other a family law firm in Oakland. The rest of the firms have a scattered impact from the virus that don’t live out the improvement since January 2021 that we anticipated.

Client #1 Summary

  • Firm Size and Practice Area: Two locations, 3 attorneys. Personal Injury.
  • Location: Louisville, KY

Kentucky PI Law Firm Traffic

Client #2 Summary

  • Firm Size: Single location, 14 attorneys. Personal Injury.
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas PI Firm Traffic

Client #3 Summary

  • Firm Size: Single location, 2 attorneys. Family Law
  • Location: Oakland, CA

Oakland Family Lawyer Traffic

Client #4 Summary

  • Firm Size: Single location, 2 attorneys. Family Law.
  • Location: Cary, NC

Cary NC Family Lawyer Traffic

Criminal Defense:

Client #5 Summary

  • Firm Size: Single location, 2 attorneys. Criminal Defense.
  • Location: Seattle, WA

Seattle Criminal Defense Firm Traffic