LMQ #15: How Can I Tell If My Legal Website Is Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Friendly Test

How can you find out if your website is mobile friendly? What is the penalty for having pages that are not mobile friendly? Conrad Saam explains how to test your site and why it’s important.

LMQ #14: Did the Google Mobile Update Affect My Site?

Google Mobile Test

Did the Google Mobile Update have any effect? We did a survey of our clients to find out. BUT, let’s figure out if it had an impact on your mobile search traffic — get step by step notes on how to check.

Be the Most Accessible Lawyer You Know

color perception blocks

Advance on this post: I recently had the opportunity to design a website for a client that works with individuals and families that have experienced a traumatic brain injury. Different from our typical client, this pro-bono project was made possible by Mockingbird 1% for Good — part of our ongoing effort to make the world a little better for everyone. This project has been a welcome doorway into the world of web accessibility. I quickly learned how little I knew, and how strongly the lessons I learned applied to the legal industry. Thanks to the patience and assistance of a… Keep Reading

Put a Bird on It: Making Your Legal Imagery Soar

Portlandia Put a Bird on It

Put a bird on it. There is a reason that this phrase from the quirky Portland-based show has stuck around — well there are two reasons: By placing a bird image on clothing, bags, and otherwise utilitarian items, they became elevated to art, perceived as inviting and worth more. Short lesson: images matter. A once whimsical image that provided visual intrigue & lightness to mundane designs got overused. It is now a tired stereotype. It represents a lack of imagination and creativity. Short lesson: don’t put a bird on it…And let go of overused stock photography. Why You Care Images… Keep Reading

LMQ #13: Are Virtual Offices Spammy?

Global Virtual Offices

Can I make virtual offices work for me in terms of local SEO? How can I rank in local results if I am outside of the centroid of a city? Within Google guidelines, may I establish separate pages around my virtual office location? What has the Pigeon update done to affect the use of “fake” offices?

LMQ #12: What is the Centroid?

City Center

Within local search engine optimization, what is the centroid? Why is being geographically close to the centroid important? Is the centroid just the “middle” or “downtown” of a city?