Advanced SEO

Selecting an SEO is extremely difficult. It is as convoluted and confusing for a lawyer to hire an expert and experienced SEO as it is for a layperson to identify an expert and experienced lawyer. Hire the wrong group and you’ll find your site torched by Google from all of those porn links from Uzbekistan. Hire the right group and you’ll slowly and steadily see your marketing investment deliver an increasing stream of clients.

Expert and Experienced

Mockingbird is the only place focused exclusively on lawyers where you can leverage talent with this expertise and experience:

  • Spearheaded SEO for 5 years at Avvo.
  • Columnist for Search Engine Land.
  • 1 of 35 experts in Moz’s Local SEO algorithm panel.
  • Spoken at MozCon, SMX, Pubcon, SearchFest and Lawyernomics.

Janitorial SEO

And if you’ve found that you are in the middle of an unmanageable SEO mess – an algorithmic penalty, a network of 79 keyword rich domains, a victim of a negative SEO attack, out-of-town competitors faking offices across the street, or a captive of a big box provider on a proprietary platform who services 12 of your direct competitors – give us a call.  There’s nothing we haven’t seen.

Penalty Assessment and Recovery

Suspicious that your site has been whacked by a Google penalty?  Terrified that Penguins or Pandas have sunk your site’s performance?  Mockingbird works with law firm sites to evaluate the impact (if any) of Google penalty rollouts and craft white hat strategies to recover traffic.

Negative SEO Recovery

Negative SEO is the devious process of attacking a competitor’s site with spammy tactics and generating a penalty to that site.  Unfortunately, we have experience in both diagnosing and then recovering a site from a negative SEO attack.

More Reading

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