September Legal Connect with Google

Mockingbird Marketing would like to invite you to our upcoming Legal Connect with Google Workshops. Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to learn the ins and outs of online marketing from some of the best minds in the business.  Come away with hands-on, tactical expertise that will enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing initiatives.

September 22nd: Seattle Workshop RSVP Here

September 25th:  NYC Workshop RSVP Here

What is it?

An all day long search marketing workshop, taught by the search nerds from Google and Mockingbird!  This session is hosted by Mockingbird and features speakers from both Google and Mockingbird.  Learn to conduct a comprehensive 141 point audit of your own online marketing efforts using the tools and techniques of Adwords and SEO pros.   

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE!

What will we be doing?

During this intensive Workshop, experts from Google and Mockingbird guide attendees through a 12 page worksheet to evaluate the efficacy of their current online marketing efforts, with an eye towards identifying specific weaknesses or missed tactics.  This is NOT a conference with talking heads delivering thinly veiled sales pitches from sponsored powerpoints, but instead a hands-on, interactive education, empowering attendees with actionable tools & tactics.

What’s the agenda?

The Online Legal Marketplace

Google Analytics and Business Metrics

Search – Organic

Search – Local

Search – Paid

Sounds great, what do I bring?

This is a HANDS ON workshop, you will need a laptop, smartphone and access to your Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and AdWords accounts.


RSVP to the Seattle Workshop Here

RSVP to the NYC Workshop Here