Sales Executive


The Sales Executive is responsible for driving revenue growth at Mockingbird through both inbound and outbound sales. You oversee the entire sales process from identifying prospects to contract signature and work closely with our founder during the actual sales pitch.

Opportunities exist with brand new prospects, lapsed project-based clients, and cross/upsell opportunities with existing clients. You’ll work closely with our own marketing to focus efforts on the most effective marketing channels and come up with new concepts for outreach. Mockingbird has a strong reputation in the space and currently receives roughly one inbound sales inquiry per day.

Ideal Candidate

IMPORTANT: You are NOT overly aggressive and understand that some clients really just need a small budget solution. You take a consultative approach – finding the right tactical solution(s) for the prospect’s unique situation. You intuitively understand the value and effectiveness of the soft sell and balance the appropriate level of follow-up. You don’t sell at all costs and recommend alternatives when the prospect may not be a good fit for Mockingbird.

You have a business centric mindset and are comfortable discussing online marketing through the lens of fundamental business principles like ROI, payback period and cost per client. You are experienced with our primary products:

  • SEO Consulting Retainers
  • Pay per Click Advertising
  • Website Design and Redesign

Absolute Requirements

  • Seattle Area
  • Tact –the difference between proactive and annoying is a fine line and different for every person. You adjust your style according to each individual.
  • Business Centric – marketing is an investment not a cost. You understand the nuanced difference.
  • Experienced – Medium to strong experience with SEO and/or PPC.
  • Cold Calls – You are required to make a minimum of 40 cold calls daily to law firms. If the prospect of doing so makes you blanche, this is not a good role.
  • Thick Skin – also known as persistence – you’ll be dealing with the gatekeepers of busy attorneys who frankly hold search sales people in very low regard.
  • Organized Perfectionist: Pedantically organized, grammatically superlative and detail oriented.
  • Impeccable Customer Skills: This is a personality trait that can be nurtured, but if the underlying mentality isn’t there it’s never going to happen. Great parents or experience selling shoes at Nordstrom may help.


Compensation includes a base salary of $35K and total compensation over $80,000 at target, with very real potential to exceed 6 figures. This is not a 9-5 job, nor is it highly structured with a pre-defined roadmap for success. The fine print: flexible hours, health insurance, retirement plan, and structured monthly bonuses.

About Mockingbird Marketing

Mockingbird is a marketing agency focused exclusively on providing VP of Marketing level service to the legal marketplace. We run everything for our clients – from PPC to SEO to TV (and lots of other acronyms.) Mockingbird currently has 67 clients and we’re adding about three a month. We provide a comprehensive approach to online marketing – our primary value is in identifying, prioritizing and executing on the lowest hanging fruit that will drive new business for our clients.

This is Mockingbird’s first proactive efforts in sales…. you will be a key member in a small three person team. To date, our growth has been fueled by inbound inquires and referrals, so there is significant room for aggressive growth.