Digital Strategist

Our Digital Strategists work with aggressively growth-minded law firms on digital strategies and tactical execution across various marketing channels to drive new business for the firm. They serve as the primary strategist responsible for collaborating with internal and external subject matter experts to ensure the execution of the strategy is in complete alignment with the client’s goals and objectives.

Ideal Candidate

You are an exceptional, proactive communicator who can gain the confidence of a demanding and intense clientele. You are analytical, well versed in search, have hands-on experience with third-party tools, and know the intricate details of online marketing. You work with our internal teams to execute tactics on time, on budget while keeping clients fully appraised of progress. You manage timelines, schedules, vendors, and most importantly, client relationships. You are a master of organization and proactive communication and work within our process to operate efficiently. You understand the importance of business metrics and don’t get blinded by impressions and click-through rates.

You are evaluated (and therefore bonused) on your ability to drive more business for your client list.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Understanding client goals and objectives and tailoring their strategy accordingly
  • Creating detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual project plans as well as keeping the broader internal  team up to date on timelines and deliverables
  • Keyword research, content planning, link building planning, local SEO planning, conversion tracking
  • Ongoing audit and analysis of program performance and identifying optimization opportunities
  • Managing the delegation of task assignments to internal team members and ensuring work is being executed efficiently, effectively, and at the highest quality of standards
  • Keeps Mockingbird Customer Success Managers fully debriefed on program performance and available for technical support
  • Partners with Mockingbird Customer Success Managers on client-facing monthly, quarterly, and annual consultations
  • Proactive client communication and management of overall digital strategy where CSMs aren’t assigned to an account
  • Leveraging internal project management and CRM tools to ensure we’re maintaining the deliverables we’re contractually obligated to provide based on the scope of the client engagement
  • Collaborating with both internal and external subject matter experts to ensure the execution of the client’s strategy is in complete alignment with their business goals and objectives


  • Minimum 5-7 years marketing and advertising experience (preferably within legal industry)
  • Must be empathetic, client-focused, collaborative, possess the ability to actively listen, and treat others with respect
  • Your organizational skills and attention to detail are obsessive
  • Ability to work in an environment that’s constantly changing and handle a demanding clientele 
  • When you identify a problem you take initiative by actively seeking solutions rather than putting the burden on someone else
  • You’d rather have open and direct communication with clients and colleagues versus keeping quiet and building resentment and frustration with others
  • You’re not afraid to admit to colleagues and clients what you don’t know and have an insatiable appetite for learning
  • Experience with HubSpot, Teamwork, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console

Compensation is driven by the depth of experience across the following: online marketing leadership, the legal industry, strategic consulting, and database-driven marketing.

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