Case Study: Promoting via Video


In the age of social media, it is vital to differentiate content in a new and exciting way. offers this by turning blog posts into video summaries. But are these videos really an effective medium for turning viewers into leads, and if so, by how much?

Five Mockingbird blog posts were selected for testing. They range in topics from marketing tutorials to advertising recommendations. These posts had a moderate amount of traffic within the past year, making them ideal candidates for video summarization.


Since Pictory uses artificial intelligence, human characteristics like tone are bound to be mismatched with b-roll. In addition, writing for a legal audience in a detailed blog post is difficult to summarize in a short video. Therefore, video posts should only attract more traffic in cases where writing is straightforward and formal.


After posting videos on LinkedIn throughout December, overall traffic for these blogs increased. Two out of the five blog posts had a 9% decrease in traffic, compared to the previous period. Meanwhile, one blog post did not experience any change. However, the remaining two blog posts experienced a significant increase of 76.86% in sessions  (pictured below). These spikes in traffic correspond to the dates that the posts were created.

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The two blog posts that successfully gained more traffic contrasted greatly from one another. One being a marketing tutorial, while the other an observation piece. In fact, the observation piece consisted of casual and sarcastic tones. Contrary to the initial theory, Pictory seems to translate human tones into b-roll well, producing a captivating video. This correlates with individuals taking the next step of interacting with Mockingbird. These results point to video being a useful and engaging tool in all types of blog posts.