Case Study: Historic Link Development


  • $1,500


This project was conducted for a well established firm with multiple attorneys. One of the attorneys was involved in an important LQBTQIA rights case several years ago. Multiple publications have mentioned the firm and the attorney when covering the case.


Historic Backlink Development

Using the content explorer tool within Ahrefs, we discovered over one hundred publications that had mentioned either the firm or attorney name in articles throughout the years. We analyzed each publication based on domain rating* and subject relevance to determine whether a backlink placement on the site would be beneficial to the firm’s SEO strategy. Through this vetting process we came up with a list of twenty five publications.

Using BuzzStream we conducted outreach to each publication, tactfully asking that they link to the attorney profile on the firm website for credit.


Due to our outreach and the wonderful work that the attorney had done for the community, six publications agreed to add links to their content. These publications are highly relevant to the firm, both in subject matter and locality. Gaining these links will help to increase the domain rating of the firm’s website and improve the chances that the site will appear in search results.

Domain Domain Rating 85 71 60 54 41 28

*Note: For those of you who are not familiar with digital marketing, domain rating (DR) is a metric used by Ahrefs that shows the strength of a target website’s total back link profile (in terms of its size and quality).