Case Study: Website Redesign

The Project

Our client is a firm located in Maryland focused on Estate Planning and Probate. They have over 65 years of combined experience in legal.

The Challenge: Create a user-focused experience, while thoughtfully communicating the firm’s personality, experience, and leadership.

When our client came to us, they were frustrated with their previous experiences with website redesigns and the agencies they had worked with. And rightly so, they had recently redesigned their site last year.

Their previous site was slow, had distracting animations as you scrolled through the site, and didn’t put enough emphasis on their e-guides. Our client needed a website that was fast, easy to consume, and focused on their free e-guides which was a large focus in their marketing efforts.

Our team decided that a full custom website redesign was what needed to be done in order for them to be successful.

The Solution

We walked our client through our Custom Website Redesign process which includes:

• Discovery – Review current website data, demographics, tech, and competitive research.

• Content – Content audit, content outline, and planning.

• Design – Wireframes, brand boards, mockups, and prototypes.

• Build – Migration, template builds, staging.

• QA – Reviewing and trying to break site, accessibility, speed tests.

• Launch


Wireframe and Prototyping

During the wireframe and prototyping phase, we layout content and focus on specific functionality to make sure that it meets the needs of our users. These are basic and created primarily in grayscale in order to focus more on the functionality of the site instead of the visual aspect. Our client requested to use the shade of fuchsia from their color scheme for their buttons so we decided to incorporate that early on in the wireframe phase.

Client Wireframe


Visual Design and Brand Identity

Once the general framework is in place from the wireframe phase, we move into the visual design phase where we focus on the look and feel of the site. During this phase, we will decide on imagery, color options, typography, iconography, and other elements that are in-line with the client’s brand identity in order to create a visually pleasing user interface.


Client Visual Design

The Result

The new website is fast, with an “A” grade from GT Metrix. The layout is clean, simple, and provides a clear path for users to find the information that they want with ease while also bringing more attention to their e-guides.  The visual design reflects the firm’s personality. An updated look, user-focused content, and better implementation of their e-guides strengthened their digital presence for years to come.