Simple and Consistent Web Design

There are many elements that web designers need to take into consideration in order to generate “good” design, however two important characteristics of good design are simplicity and consistency.

All too often I find websites that are too busy. Websites with bright colors, multiple videos, images, and walls of text. Websites without these elements would be dull, however there is a right and wrong way to use these elements. The information your visitors are looking for will be difficult to find if your website is cluttered. If certain elements don’t help tell your story, you should remove them.

Simple design doesn’t mean boring, it just means that it’s clean and easy to use. Use the minimum amount of text necessary in order to get your point across. All the images on the website should be relevant. Images should always help explain content. They should make your visitors feel as though they are in the right place for the information they are looking for.

Making the site design consistent is also crucial. Make sure that the menus, headings, text and all design elements look and work the same way throughout your site. If you have a particular design element, try to reuse it throughout the website.

Simple design allows your visitors to access the information they are looking for quickly. Consistency in web design allows your visitors to understand how to navigate throughout your website easily. No matter how amazing the images are or how trendy the theme might be, users will not stick around on your site if it is too complicated and busy.


One Response to “Simple and Consistent Web Design”

  1. Thank you for the post on simple and consistent web design. I like the idea of keeping web design simple and easy to use. You don’t want to bombard the user with information and flashing colors. You want them to have an accurate way of getting around the site while also being drawn to certain links and areas of information.