Should I Be Focused on My Rankings?

When it comes to SEO blogs and advice it can feel like people talk about rankings like how people talk to teenagers about SAT scores; they are somehow both vital to your success, but they also don’t really matter if you know where your focus is. Because of these opposing viewpoints, it can be useful to take a look at where ranking high can help, and when to take a step back.


I’m Not Ranking High in Searches for “Lawyer Seattle”

Ranking high as a small or unestablished business online can be near-impossible, especially for competitive keywords. This is where you can make vast strides up the rankings by narrowing and improving your keywords. If you need advice on how to optimize your keywords, we here at Mockingbird have just about typed our fingers off with blog posts about keywords.  


Where Do I Need to be Ranking Higher?

To improve your online audience you’ll want to find your specific audience, possibly with some PPC help. You want to be ranking high with your consumer base. If 100,000 people are looking at your site but none of them care about your law-firm then you don’t have any clients. If 50 people look at your site but all of them need a lawyer, you’ll get new clients. Ranking high won’t help if you’re not ranking where it matters.


How Much Do My Rankings Matter, Really

As you’re probably picking up by now, that depends on your goals and where you’re ranking. If your website is ranking high for “Lawyer Seattle,” then congrats! You managed to get into a very competitive keyword race. If you are a general practice lawyer, this is great. If you only defend people whose neighbors steal their livestock, this probably won’t help you very much. You should be competing in the “livestock hustling lawyer” keyword rankings. Your rankings matter if they’re properly aimed at your audience. 

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