Getting to Know Your Audience

Google has announced an ongoing update for its ad partners and it promises to be a comprehensive one. Google’s new Affinity Audiences and In-Market Audiences allow ad managers to target groups of people more specifically than before, giving the option to exclude keyword search, connect with audience life events, and advertising based on previous URL visits. 


How Will Audiences Help My Firm?

Your law firm can now advertise to the exact type of clients you want. If you want healthy clients who have recently been in a car accident, you can narrow your audience to people who are looking for personal injury lawyers and were previously looking at fitness brand websites. Family lawyers can target audiences who recently got married but still search for hot singles in their area. The possibilities are endless.


How Many Audience Factors Are There?

Google’s “About Audiences’ page features 8 customizable factors for advertisers to work with:

  1. Demographics

Advertisers will be able to select as many demographic groups as they feel are relevant to their audience, with the option to go into further details of each demographic group.

  1. Affinity Audiences

Affinity audiences have shown a passion in a given topic, allowing advertisers to use a more “holistic” approach to curating their ad viewers

  1. Custom Affinity Audiences

Google creates custom affinity audiences by looking at their keyword phrases, interests based on URLs visited, apps the audience might be interested in.

  1. Life Events

Advertisers can select audiences based on recent life events or searches based on life events. This might be particularly relevant to law firms, as many practices relate specifically to large life events.

  1. In-Market Audiences

Advertisers can narrow down their audiences by selecting in-market audiences. This narrows the search to just people who are known to be in the market for their product. 

  1. Custom Intent Audiences

Custom intent categories are only available for Google Display and Youtube campaigns and show ads customized to keywords searched by your ideal audience.

  1. Remarketing

Remarketing allows advertisers to re-engage with consumers they already know are already aware of the brand. It connects with audiences who have already provided visited their page or otherwise interacted with their media.


So Which One Should I Use?

Let us figure that out! Mockingbird Marketing understands the differences in audiences for each law practice and how to coordinate general and local advertising campaigns. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you build your business.