BEDLAM Goes Virtual

If any company in any industry were more perfectly positioned to transition an in person event to a virtual one as a response to concerns around COVID-19 it’s Mockingbird (especially considering we are based on Corona’s original US hometown of Seattle). The Best Damn Legal Marketing Conference (BEDLAM) is now a virtual conference – held at the same time, with the same speakers and viewed from the comfort of your home.

What this means for attendees:

  1. We reduced ticketing pricing by 60% of the full cost and will be sending out refunds in the next week.
  2. If you have already booked flights, note that many airlines are working with passengers to manage the fallout.  You can get a detailed list of how 7 major airlines are dealing with this here.
  3. Our contact, Tayla at The Aria in Vegas is being extremely accommodating, flexible and responsive in dealing with this.  At some point, I may ask you to leave them (and her specifically) a review. This also means that while I now no longer have a $80K credit to finance a three day bender in Vegas, BEDLAM III will be early 2021 at the Aria.
  4. We believe hotel room cancellations fall within the Aria’s 72 hour time window.  Their room reservations number is: 866.359.7757.
  5. The video conference will be held via Zoom – we’ll be sending more details.

As a bit of a tangent: note that this virus and the public’s reaction to it is going to have a devastating financial impact on many small businesses – please do your part to patronize them as much as possible.

Finally, it’s also possible that I now have an account with the Aria in Vegas and if you are absolutely determined to head to Vegas during the BEDLAM dates, I may be able to finance a six figure, three day bender…

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