Is the Avvo Rating Gone with the Sale?

Yesterday brought news of Avvo’s sale, 12 years after the company was founded.  The news sent me scurrying back to the old site where I noticed (I think) something new…. the Avvo Rating no longer displaying on Lawyer profile pages. See Avvo GC, Josh King’s profile below.

Now, I’m not sure this is a)brand new and/or b)intentional – as in…. was this taken down because of the acquisition or is it just sloppy coding – which would be unusual for the Avvo dev crew.  If you view a profile, you can see the AR still loads momentarily (right under the picture where it says “Not Yet Reviewed”, but then quickly flashes out.

2 Responses to “Is the Avvo Rating Gone with the Sale?”

  1. Hey Conrad – Dan Lear here from Avvo. Nope, the rating isn’t gone. We’re doing some testing. 50% of all users will see the rating displayed as per usual. 50% will see it down, nearer the resume on the profile. Since you’re an SEO geek I’ll note that it’s per session so it’ll be gone for the entirety of one session, then, potentially back.

    Why are we doing this? We at Avvo are always testing the site and consumer experience to understand how consumers use the rating and how we can use it to help consumers find the right lawyer faster and more effectively. As you’re well aware from your time at Avvo, Conrad, the rating has evolved, moved, and morphed over the years as Web 1.0 has given way to the modern web, we’ve seen the rise of consumer reviews, and so much more. We’re excited to see what this change brings and how it will help us help consumers find the right lawyer and help lawyers grow their businesses. If you or any readers want any more info, shoot me at note at or hit me on Twitter @rightbrainlaw