Rapid Response

Sometimes you need to call in the cavalry – to capitalize on a time sensitive opportunity or respond immediately when it hits the fan. When the unanticipated strikes, Mockingbird has the resources, creativity and sense of urgency to drop everything and come up with a solution.

Front Desk Disaster

One of our larger clients recently filed a class action claim against a large restaurant chain.  They pushed out a blog post and were inundated with website traffic from potential claimants, from search engines and social media, as the news went viral.  Their front desk was quickly inundated, unable to keep pace with the calls.  Mockingbird quickly replaced the firm’s phone number in the header on the single page (not as easy as it sounds) responsible for all the traffic – routing the calls to a third party call center.  The client signed hundreds of cases without disrupting their typical day-to-day work.

Are you ready for a traffic explosion?

Front Desk Disaster

Class Action Business Explosion

Mass Torts Prescience

Just like Wayne Gretzky skating to where the puck is going to be – smart Mass Torts lawyers get the drop on upcoming opportunities before the news hits. When a client anticipated an upcoming mass tort matter, Mockingbird deployed a highly targeted website in less than 24 hours, complete with accompanying advertising campaign.  And when the news hit two days later, our client was positioned to capture advertising traffic well before the rest of the market jumped in, driving PPC prices sky high.

Site Down

A Mockingbird Account Executive’s phone alerted on a Sunday at the golf course.  A client’s site had gone down and no one knew why. Ten phone calls, four vendors and two of our people on the case and we tracked down the culprit to a domain registrar reseller who had dropped the ball.  The site went back within hours – even though it was a weekend.  This was a classic case of one of our 10 Commandments:

#10: It may not be our fault, but it is still our problem.