Yes, You Need Call Tracking

So your ad campaign has been working and you’re getting almost more calls than you can handle. How do you handle it? Do you write down names and numbers on a notepad next to your phone?

If you are still using the pen and paper method for tracking essential information you can give it up. It’s simply not scalable. This is why Mockingbird encourages all of our clients to get call tracking software.

Why Should I Invest? My Method Works

Your method works…for now. Maybe it isn’t even working that well now. How many potential clients have been lost because of a misplaced note or messy handwriting? How many calls have you missed and never thought about again? This is why you need call tracking.

Our Method Works Better

Call tracking will give you a database of everyone who calls you, their phone numbers, and how many times they have called your firm. This can give you solid information about business growth, inquiry trends, and the type of clients you are attracting. It will also give you solid trends regarding the times of day with the most calls, helping you prepared for high volumes instead of always being overwhelmed and surprised. 

Our Selfish Reasons

We’d be lying if we didn’t say that we prefer call tracking because it makes our job easier because it does. It helps us know which of our ad campaigns are working, where to target call-only ads, and which clients are more receptive to your ads. This helps us be better marketers, thereby improving business for you. Our selfish reasons always benefit you, which is part of our business model. We don’t ever encourage our clients to invest in things that don’t actively improve their business, but sometimes we get to benefit too. 

There are multiple forms of call tracking software that can help your business, and we can help you choose the right one for your firm. Call Mockingbird today to learn how to handle your phone!