When We’re Happy to See Clients Go

We love our clients. We love getting new clients and keeping our more senior clients. There are law firms we’ve worked with for years; working relationships that sit at the very core of our company. We value all of them and hope to see our partnership last long into the future. That being said, losing a client isn’t always sad.

How We Know We Did Our Job Well

Our team always puts in 110% to ensure our clients’ successes, and it’s satisfying to see it pay off. There are single-attorney firms we’ve worked with that started without a website, without ads, and barely with a budget to grow. Once they get to the point where they’re able to hire an in-house marketing team, we know we’ve succeeded. 


Not the End of the Road

Just because a client is ending their contract doesn’t mean it’s over. We like to keep in contact, not close any doors. 


We also like to keep the door ajar by offering consulting, reporting, and/or collaborative services. Like doting parents watching their kids move out, we’re always here for support and want to know how their lives are going. 


The Mutual Benefits

When a client leaves us, we make sure to use that to both of our advantages. We make all of their resources as easy as possible to transfer to their new team, and we ask them to leave us an honest review. This helps us know how we can improve and lets potential clients know the quality of our services. We both walk away better off than when we started.


How This is Relevant to Your Firm

Saying goodbye to clients is a staple of running a business. People move, grow, shrink, and change, and it’s a good thing. Unless you’re a corporate lawyer, there aren’t many instances in which you want recurring clients. A divorce lawyer probably doesn’t want to have the same client over and over again; that client isn’t doing well if they’re getting divorce after divorce. You need to know how to say goodbye to your clients. 

By keeping your door open and parting on good terms, that client might not come back but will refer others to you. Turnover is a good thing. If you don’t think so, check out our reviews.