5 Popular Web Hosting Companies Vulnerable to Simple Takeover Hacks

Security vulnerabilities are nothing new when it comes to tech. Every day, we are increasingly and often unknowingly putting ourselves at risk for digital intruders. Doorbells, hot tubs, baby monitors, Facebook, Google+ and yes, website hosting companies to name a few. The consequences include potential access to your accounts, sensitive information, or worse.

A recent report by Paulos Yibelo, an experienced security researcher, found that five popular web hosting companies were easily hacked by one or more means:

  1. Bluehost
  2. Dreamhost
  3. HostGator
  4. OVH
  5. iPage

Paulos identified dozens of bugs that vary in severity and allow hackers access to sensitive information, full account takeovers or both.

Given the importance of security, it’s worth noting that the article says the vulnerabilities have been fixed. That said, it may be time to invest in a higher quality hosting company, especially if you use a popular content management system (CMS) like WordPress.