The Power of Promoting (Good) Content

A few months ago I wrote a diatribe proclaiming SEO Regicide – the Death of Content the King.  The concept was fairly simple – there are so many lawyers vomiting (bad) content across the web, that building content, in and of itself, is not sufficient for driving traffic (and therefore business) from the web.   The conclusion was that the new King of SEO is the marketing and distribution of great content.  Simple premise – but not immediately (or perhaps ever) scaleable.

Now let me share  some great data to validate the theory:

The graphic below depicts organic search traffic for a site whose only SEO tactic during the past 9 months has been the generation and distribution of very high quality content.  While I generally wouldn’t recommend focusing on one search tactic, the firm is on a very solid technical platform and is in a maintenance mode.  They have been publishing (and promoting) high quality, unique content from the writers at We Do Web Content on a regular basis.

Content Growth

The Results

That’s a 50% increase in traffic over a period of 9 months and demonstrates exactly what I want my clients to experience – slow, steady, predictable improvement in their site’s performance – which correlates to a slow steady increase in the volume of inbound phone calls.  There’s no technical magic, no link-building shenanigans, no directory submissions needed.

I often am asked for a magic SEO bullet, when sometimes the foundational concepts are all you really need.