It May Not Be Our Fault, But It’s Still Our Problem

In our lobby, we’ve recently installed The Mockingbird 10 Commandments – a list of simple principals through which we operate our business.  Every time anyone enters the office, they are reminded of the way we do business. (And yes, that’s a beer tap in the picture, and yes, I deliberately included it to communicate tech-nerdy, progressive, kind-of-out-there online agency.) One of my favorite commandments is the following:

It May Not Be Our Fault, But It’s Still Our Problem.

We worry about anything and everything online (and frequently offline) that may impact our clients’ business and take ownership of those issues, even if we had nothing to do with them.  One awesome example is the uptime monitor we built to ensure all of our clients’ sites are up and running – and we simply get pinged if there’s an issue. I suspect none of our clients actually know that we do this on their behalf, but we do. (It’s also fun to give a heads up to clients who leave us for a cheaper solution when their site goes down, but I digress.)

And when things go down – we’re the ones who deliver the news – which brings me to Commandment #4:

Proactively Deliver Bad News

So when our client (who is still on a third party

host – yet another reason to work with WPEngine, but I digress again) had their site go down at 4:28am this morning, we got pinged.  And we got on it.  And we are solving his problem – we found his hosting provider, notified them of the problem (turns out a bunch of their sites went down and they were unaware).  We’re working on getting his back up relaunched asap.

Even though it wasn’t our fault… it’s still our problem.