Legal Linkbait

Content is King – we hear this all the time wrt to search engine optimization, yet all too frequently I hear from attorneys suffering from a lack of inspiration about content.

“What am I going to write about?”

Writing successful legal blog posts requires equal parts of 1)a love of writing 2)training/experience in writing well (law school does NOT count) and 3)creative inspiration.

Fortunately the web is full of creative inspiration.  Amid all the royal baby news, yesterday was particularly ripe with legal leaning news stories begging to be transformed into interesting, well written linkbait legal blog posts.  For linkbait think Comso magazine titles – sex always works, as do drugs and celebrities.  Sex and drugs and celebrities all wrapped in one is a pretty good bet. Another approach is to take something popular in the news that is out of your jurisdiction and explain how it would apply (or not apply) within your jurisdiction.

So to answer the perpetual question “what am I going to write about” read on for some inspiration.  I’ve even rewritten the headlines with some fun, slightly salacious designed to draw clicks (and links.)

NYC Legalizes Bare Boobs 

This was the story (and accompanying picture) that inspired my post today.  Quote from the original article:  “It also notes that, should a crowd form around a topless woman, the officer should instruct the crowd to disperse and then respond appropriately if it does not.”  Good luck with that, men in blue.

20,000 Babies Hit By Falling TV’s

Our love affair with increasingly large screen area colliding dangerously with babies’ fascination with brightly colored objects.

Marines Bomb Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

This raises lots of legal questions – environmental, military, international – and  to date, the news coverage has been devoid of any legal ramifications.

Jesse Ventura Sues Murdered Navy SEAL’s Wife

This is an easy one – explain the legal mechanism that enabled Ventura to transfer his lawsuit to Chris Pyle’s wife after the sniper was killed; feel free to take an editorial swipe at the utterly classless move from the former WWF showman turned Governor turned plaintiff.

Your iPhone as Breathalizer?

Huge, widespread legal liability questions abound in this case.

Take me OUT of the Ballgame – Skydiver Lands on Baseball Player

Include the accompanying video for added benefit.

legal linkbait

Public Support for Boston Trooper who Leaked Tsarnaev Arrest Pics

The state trooper, who shared his own photos of the bloody arrest of Tsarnaev with Boston Magazine is fighting for his career against growing public support for his actions.   This is a great opportunity to discuss the balance of individual legal rights, professional conduct of public officials and employment law.

Pornless Britian?

Yesterday the Brit’s got a new King AND David Cameron’s plan to standardize an approach for limiting access to online porn.   Consider combining with the Topless New York story for added impact.

Billy Ray Cyrus and wife say “I don’t” to Divorce

Ahhh – People magazine, the eternal well of celebrity gossip, offers an example of how to get undivorced.  An interesting take on this would be. . . . “when is it too late to get undivorced?”  And if you get really desperate for celebrity smut inspiration, try US Weekly.