It Might Not Be Our Fault, But Its Still Our Problem

We do more than SEO.

Sometimes we do more than marketing.

Long ago, I learned that my SEO clients often turned to me as the solution for any and all technical issues they may have (or think they have.) Kind of like having your mother in law set up her wireless router at Christmas time. We’ve solved all sorts of problems – from email configurations to hacked websites.  I’ve helped clients install plug-ins, set up in-office data backup systems and select the right smartphone that will work with their case management system.

Sometimes the tech goes south and no one knows why.  This is exacerbated by the undertrained, inexperienced IT “experts” who know just enough to be (very) dangerous, who frequently serve the legal industry.  And when the tech goes south, everyone is quick to shout “not it” and point fingers.

This is why we’ve codified our approach to problems in our 10 Commandments:

10.  It May Not Be Our Fault, But It Is Still Our Problem

Clients want problems solved.  Period.  The blame game can happen later, but the immediate issue is to solve the problem.  And we’ll work with or through whomever is necessary to get the job done. It means we need an extremely experienced, technical staff with a curious problem-solving orientation.

The following quote is lifted from an email that went out to a client today.  Unbeknownst to her, her  IT “expert” had changed the MX settings on their domain – clustering email delivery for days. He had no idea what he had done and declared a big “not it” when her email stopped arriving. Our work in identifying the root cause was a long (2 days), frustrating, disruptive, circuitous detective project.  Fixing the problem required painstaking handholding of said expert.  But the firm is now getting their email again.  And thats what really mattered in the first place.

Thanks for your patience while I worked with your IT department to resolve this problem. I hope you don’t have any reservations about how hard we work for you, even when the problems is unrelated to your website and marketing. We value our clients to the point where I will learn a new professional trade in order to solve an issue.

And twice, it was our mistake – so its best to always assume its our fault instead of hope that its not.