How to Check your Access Level in the New Google Analytics Interface

I’ve recently been on a series of rants about the importance of controlling exclusive access to key high level log in credentials to control you web presence.  This post started as a step by step email instructions to a law firm whose agency either couldn’t figure out the new Google Analytics Interface or was too lazy to bother.  I decided to post it as a blog instead so anyone could read it.

Working with the new Analytics interface to add users or change their permissions is different, but mindnumbingly simple if you know where to look.  (In fact there are now 4 tiers of permissions instead of 3.)  Below I’ll show you a)how to check to see if you have “add user” level access – which as a site owner you MUST have and b)add/modify user permissions once you’ve cleared the previous hurdle.

NOTE:  If you don’t have “add user” level access to your own Google Analytics account – immediately go and scream at your agency/consultant/self-professed search expert until they make that change.  Then remove that level of access to everyone except yourself.  (And hide that password away very securely and carefully.)

Step 1:  Log in to Google Analytics.

Step 2:  Click “Admin” in the top left hand corner.


Step 3:  If “User Management” is grayed out and you can’t click on it you don’t have the high level access to your own Analytics account that you should.  Talk to your agency.

Step 4:  Once you can click on “User Management”, you’ll find a very easy interface to add accounts (or change permissions to existing accounts).

Simple.  All done.