How Politics Can Help Your Firm

Politics exist in everything we do, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. It’s in our cars, our ears, and in your law firm, and you should think about leaning into it. By politics, I’m not referring to current climate or partisan issues, I’m talking about the policies and issues that are built into our society. Consumers are becoming more focused on whether the businesses they support share their beliefs, so meet your clients and find out what you share.


Who’s Your Audience

As a lawyer, your audience is probably made up of people who have been wronged, one way or another. Since they’re your clients, you probably believe that the policy wronging them is wrong, you share that belief. You probably share other views as well. Find out which of your views are exciting to your audience.


How to Use it

People respond to passion, and you probably have some. Take your passions and use your expertise in the law to do something about it. If you are passionate about women’s rights set up a pro-bono portion of your practice dedicated to defending victims of domestic abuse. Start a legal blog outside of your practice that focuses on the issues that are important to you. People respond well to actions done for the good of the people rather than for the benefit of the business. Luckily, if done well, they can go hand in hand.


The Potential Benefits

If you have done well, you (and your firm) could get increased media coverage, focused on the benevolence of your practice. This is some pretty great PR, and could increase brand visibility and recognition.  


The Potential Risks

Just as the benefits can be high for businesses that get political, the risks can be pretty high too. Brands that have taken stands that don’t align with their audience can tank the business’s reputation. Make sure you know where both you and your clientele stand, and if it isn’t together maybe stay safe and stick to your business.

If you think your firm could benefit from some good PR or designing an advertising campaign contact us for a discussion about your practice and your goals.