How Digital Advertising can Work With Outside Advertising

We see it all the time: lawyers come in having spent thousands of dollars on billboards and TV ads and aren’t seeing the results. They don’t want to give up their billboards but want to expand into digital advertising. Lucky for them, this is completely possible.


Visibility vs. Conversions

Advertising doesn’t have a singular goal, and different campaigns have different purposes. Some campaigns focus on increasing brand awareness or visibility, and some focus specifically on increasing conversions.


Outside Advertising

Billboards and tv ads are generally better for the former, as they can’t target specific audiences. This is beneficial since brand recognition can be a significant contributing factor to a consumer’s decision of which firm to choose. Even if they don’t need your services when they see your ad, they might remember your name when they do.


Digital Advertising

Digital advertising, search ads in particular, can target specific audiences to the point where your ad is only being shown to consumers in your area who you know are looking for legal services at that exact moment. If they happen to remember your name from your billboards, that could certainly help increase your chances of getting a conversion.



Certain forms of digital advertising, like Youtube and Display ads, work similarly to billboards and TV ads. You don’t always know who is going to see them, and they aren’t designed to increase conversions. By running a campaign of outside advertising as well as Display and Youtube ads, consumers will become aware of your brand. By sending them a targeted search ad as soon as they do need your services, you’ve almost guaranteed a conversion.


Mockingbird is proud of our expertise in digital advertising. We may flinch when we hear that a prospective client has been spending thousands on billboards and pennies on digital, but we are happy to design a campaign that will benefit our client without them sacrificing their billboards.  

If you would like to hear how your outside advertising can be made even more effective, contact Mockingbird today.