Helping Law Firms Survive the Corona Crisis with a Free WordPress Site and Maintenance

In order to help attorneys survive during the Coronavirus crisis, we are providing Echo and associated hosting, backups, upgrades and technical maintenance entirely free to struggling lawyers through the end of 2020 with no commitment at all.

Losing prospects due to your grossly outdated site? Pivoting to a new practice area to respond to COVID-19? Does your bank account drip drip drip your overpriced monthly website fee into your vendor’s bottom line? Want to upgrade your DIY Squarespace or WIX site?

Protect your cashflow and survive like a cockroach with FrEcho… (free Echo…. Get it?)

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What is Echo?

Mockingbird created Echo about 4 years ago for lawyers needing a fast, extensible, well coded, WordPres website that we could efficiently deploy at low cost. We price it specifically for solos and small firms, with a $200 monthly payment. Unlike other agencies that continue payments in perpetuity, we stop them after 24 months, so the website isn’t a perpetual cash drain from a lawyer’s bank account.

How it Works

  1. You request your FrEcho site below.
  2. We make sure you’re a good fit and in a couple of days we approve (or deny) you.
  3. You sign a Master Service Agreement, Statement of Work and Credit Card Authorization form (low payments start in 2021).
  4. We start setting up your project.
  5. You upload logo files/attorney images/additional content via a Dropbox link and complete our onboarding survey to give us access to what we need.
  6. We migrate your current website content and setup/configure Echo using existing content/images as well as any other assets provided to us.
  7. We run our quality assurance checklist and set up the maintenance systems.
  8. We give you admin access to CloudFlare, WPEngine and your new FrEcho site.
  9. You approve the site.
  10. We launch!

Get Started Today

FrEcho - What’s Included and What’s Not


  • Page Templates
  • Homepage
  • Attorney Profile Page
  • Practice Area Pages
  • Contact Page
  • Schema Markup
  • Simple Interface - easy to use for you and your team
  • Maintain your legacy Google Analytic Code
  • Content - one homepage image indicative of your location
  • We prioritize sites that require a migration of less than 200 pages of content
  • We prioritize law firms that only have one location
  • Maintain Google Analytics account

Not Included

  • Content - written
  • Content - custom photography
  • Legacy Content Strategy – typically we conduct a content audit and manage dated, useless legacy content prior to upgrading a site. You are on your own here.
  • On-Page fixes – if your legacy site has on page issues like poorly written title tags for example you are on your own to update these.
  • Anything proprietary to your current agency
  • Helping you track down your GoDaddy login that your cousin used to set up your domain.

Echo website Examples


Compare the sites below to see the modularity of FrEcho – it’s not exactly cookie cutter, more like legos…


Does FrEcho invoke Mockingbird’s market exclusivity?
No. FrEcho is simply a website, albeit a well coded one, that’s designed to convert website traffic into inquiries. We’re not giving away any of our secret sauce, Google Juice, proprietary magic or SEO elixir; which we set aside for just one law firm in any given market.

What happens on January 1, 2021?
We’ll start processing regular payments for Echo – which runs $200 a month for 24 months and $149 (for small/solos) for hosting/maintenance/upgrades/backups. Not interested in continuing? Cancel at any time.

Do I own the website?
Mockingbird doesn’t play silly games and take advantage of our clients like big box agencies do by sneaking ownership of your site, content and data clauses into contracts. Once FrEcho is fully paid for you own the site outright… and you always own your own content, data and URL. And because Frecho is built on WordPress, you can take it to any other designer/developer/agency to build, expand or upgrade whenever you’d like. (Smart lawyers don’t get trapped by their agency and we like working with smart lawyers.)

I don’t want a cookie cutter website.
Then move on… FrEcho isn’t for you. FrEcho sites are highly functional but aren’t built to win any design contests (although it still might be an upgrade from your dated FindLaw design.) Also if you want to go round and round with our design staff tweaking shades of blue or coming up with that perfect location for the call me text. If you’d like to to closely match the layout, design, functionality and color schemes of your existing site… this one might not be for you either.

Can I use FrEcho as a secondary site or blog to my existing website?
Nope. While agencies who sell websites and blogs encourage you to buy more…. websites and blogs, it’s a horrendous practice from an SEO perspective. In addition, it’s contrary to the spirit of us helping those struggling. FrEcho replaces your existing site or creates a new one if you are just starting out.

Are you giving this away to anyone and everyone?
It still takes a good while to get the sites up and running so we are prioritizing those firms who are genuinely struggling with cash flow due to the COVID-19 crisis. As always, we’re only working with lawyers and this is really oriented to those in need. Let us help, but its still our choice who we work with.

Is Reporting included?
Our best in the industry reporting tells you what works, what doesn’t and right now, just how badly COVID-19 is impacting the volume of inquiries derived from the web. It incorporates third party costs for firms like CallRail, so we can’t give it away.

Is this just another smarmy marketing agency tactic?
We’re trying to help. We also happen to believe FrEcho is a better mousetrap than most websites out there. We don’t blame you if this offer surfaces your inner cynic, but if you can’t get past that feeling, move on… there are plenty of other agencies who’d love to take your money, steal your content and lock you down into ridiculous long term contracts on their proprietary platform.

I’m already a Mockingbird client with Echo….
Because we’re awesome and would like to help you survive during this crisis, we’re happy to delay your payments and restart them on January 1st, 2021. If you’d prefer to continue making your payments, we’d be most appreciative. (Whoever said “content is King” never met my friend Cash.) Because we are super awesome (and we don’t want to be showing favoritism to any newbies picking up Echo hosting/maintenance/upgrades for free), we’ll be shouldering those hosting and upgrade costs on your behalf through the end of this year. Yup. We’re cool like that. Expect to see those changes on your next invoice.

COVID-19 Update: As a digital agency, we remain OPEN and are available to help both existing & new clients. Please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime.