Farewell Mark Marenda

With a heavy heart that I share the news that we’ve lost a member of our community.  Mark Marenda passed away suddenly yesterday.  I don’t have any more details.

Mark is one of the earliest practitioners on the legal marketing space.  He had been at it for more than a decade, when I was just getting my feet wet at Avvo back in 2006.  Mark was on the short list of people I actively sought out and learned from. He was always gracious, intelligent and forthright. Mark and I have been on panels together, he’s spoken at events I’ve hosted and we’ve even collaborated on clients with his firm, SmartMarketing.

I once had a neighbor who introduced me to the notion of lighting a candle at the loss of a friend and letting it burn out – reminds us of the temporal nature of the light someone can bring to others.  You will be missed Mark.  http://www.smartmarketingnow.com/img/team/mark-profile.jpg