FACEBOOK’s New Safety Guidelines

Facebook Ads, run by FACEBOOK for Business and appearing on Facebook and Instagram, recently announced new safety controls for their advertisers, meant to “maintain a high-quality ecosystem of content, publishers, and ads.” These new features largely build on existing features but focus more on efficiency and advertiser security.


Ad Manager

Facebook ads used to have layers you had to get through to edit each individual campaign. They have now set up a new “one-stop place.” This will allow advertisers to set account-wide filters.


The platform is also improving its advertiser-creator relationships with more comprehensive publisher white lists and block lists so that advertisers always know where their ads are being shown.


Advertiser Safety Partners

Facebook is also introducing a partnership with Zefr, a targeted advertising company. Zefr will be working alongside DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, and OpenSlate to maintain protections for advertisers.


Community Standards

Facebook has updated its community guidelines! But not very much. It is unlikely to affect legal marketing.


If You Need Legal Marketing Help

If you have found yourself in a situation where you want Facebook and Instagram ads for your law firm but are unsure how to set them up, give Mockingbird a call. We make it our specialty to run marketing campaigns on multiple platforms, including FACEBOOK.