Workshop: Intake Management Software and CRM

Join Mockingbird founder Conrad Saam, and VP of Operations, Robert Williams for A Field Guide to Law Firm CRM.

In law firms, CRM system rarely achieve their true potential. Hoodwinked by flashy sales presentations, most law firms are frustrated with the actual implementation. During this session, Mockingbird’s VP of Operations, Robert Williams, will showcase how to unleash the true power of CRM for law firm marketing. During this session we will:
Review the major (and a few minor) CRMs in the Legal Industry and we will endorse those that have been the best to work with and flame those that are horrendous (here’s looking at you Law Ruler).
Learn how to automate the process of marketing source attribution to comprehensively and accurately evaluate your marketing.
How to integrate CRM into your calendaring systems to start evaluating your marketing channels by the consultations they generate instead of the leads your agency reports on.
Automagically generate records and import prospect phone call recordings directly into your CRM.
Discuss how to seamlessly (if your CRM will let you) develop integrations between Intake Management and Matter Management Software.

Location: Zoom

Date: November 9, 2022

Time: 10:00 am PST

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