Webinar Wednesday: Conflating Digital Sales with Digital Marketing

Many firms confuse their digital marketing efforts with digital sales.  The reality is, that the former is about delivering an exceptional experience for a prospect who has already decided to purchase legal services.  The latter, Digital Marketing, is often overlooked but entails generating demand for either your firm, or even your legal category among a widespread populace who currently is not in the market (and may never be, but boy oh boy do they make great referrers) for your legal services.  The key here is deploying tactics to get a market to know like and trust you – building long-term brand affinity. We make mistakes when we treat these two extremely different objectives the same. The tactics, timeframes, and success metrics are fundamentally different.  During this high-level session, we delineate between the two philosophically and then dive deeper into tactics and KPIs to run both successfully.



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Date: September 21, 2022

Time: 10:00 am PT

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