Case Study: Switching Hosting Platforms


National Disability Law Firm


The firm contacted Mockingbird with a WordPress website that was lacking in performance and security. After performing a technical audit, we were able to identify and prioritize our recommendation of updating their websites technology by migrating to a new platform from a quality host provider.


After working with the client we were able to successfully migrate their website to our platform of choice, WP Engine. Their platform provides users with powerful technology that helps bolster performance and site security. On average they have found that most users experience a 27% increase in site load times when switching to their platform. In this case, we were able to experience a 39% increase or 3.7s reduction of site load time!

site speed increase host

We were also able to move also the client’s redirects from a third-party plugin on the website to the host. Helping eliminate the use of a third-party plug-in that could leave the site vulnerable to a security threat if not updated.


Not all hosts should be treated equally. It is important to select a platform that will provide greater uptime, server requests, and load time. By increasing site performance we were able to provide our client with a better user experience for their users, ensuring their website will always be available.