Case Study: Local Optimization (NAP Cleanup)

Result: search traffic from within the clients geographic market increased by 27%

Investment: $6,250

Client: solo bankruptcy practitioner in secondary city.


The law firm had a variety of conflicting Name Address and Phone Number (NAP) information listed in multiple directories regarding their physical address. This included inconsistencies with phone numbers (due to poorly implemented call tracking), different names for the firm and an old legacy address, which was still widely listed.

Mockingbird utilized tools from both MozLocal and Yext to address the majority of NAP issues and monitored the listings over a four-month period to suppress duplicates and correct returning erroneous listings. This included manual claiming, verification and management of some directories. Note this requires both MozLocal and Yext as well as ongoing management of both Рthis is not a set it and forget it solution.  We additionally corrected NAP issues with legal-specific directories not included in the Moz and Yext tools.