Case Study: Linkbuilding

Result: Traffic doubles in 6 months.


  • Project I:  $6,500
  • Project II:  $43,000


Aggressively growing firm – recent expansion into three major US cities.

Advanced Linkbuilding


Project I

The firm had a case that resonated with a small, but vociferously supportive population (we call these Raving Fans). Mockingbird developed creative and engaging content regarding the case (we call this Anchor Content) designed to generate links – built a list of Raving Fans – and pushed the content to them through Twitter and Facebook. The campaign generated 40 links across 13 highly relevant domains resulting in an immediate and persistent 29% increase in search traffic.

Project II

Based on the success of the first campaign, we conceptualized a much more aggressive, creative and frankly expensive campaign. Over four months, we worked extremely closely with the firm to develop a highly unique, entertaining and slightly controversial content set with 100’s of pages, each appealing to a specific online audience (Raving Fans). Key Influencers among the Raving Fans were identifiable through simple social media research tools. For launch, we engaged with a Public Relations firm and coordinated coverage with highly influential and relevant mainstream media. We used the initial coverage in major media outlets to push the content in front of the Raving Fans list. The immediate result was 81 links across 39 domains, including a few extremely authoritative domains.


Note the theme of this content is evergreen, and can be continuously updated, providing an ongoing opportunity for extremely high quality and successful linkbuilding.


As a result of the influx of links, SEO traffic has more than doubled – the first 8 weeks of 2016 are more than 135% higher than the same period in 2015.